Sheraden's Story

The neighborhood of Sheraden has historically been regarded as the bellwether for West Pittsburgh, both in terms of leadership and as an indicator of community health and stabilization. Developed as a strong and proud working middle class community,  Sheraden, like much of the dozen West Pittsburgh neighborhoods, has experienced significant population decline, disinvestment, and demographic shifts.
Despite these challenges, longtime homeowners have remained resilient and newer residents recognize Sheraden as a neighborhood of choice. Sheraden still boasts a largely intact and well-maintained housing stock, an ideal location with easy access to both downtown Pittsburgh, the Pittsburgh International Airport, and the West Busway, and a vibrant and dedicated community population as exhibited by the inception of the West End Alliance and the continuing efforts of the Sheraden Community Council.
It was this mix of challenges and assets that led PCRG to identify Sheraden as the pilot neighborhood for the Reimagining Communities Initiative.
This site will serve as a platform for up to date and accurate information about the many positive things happening in Sheraden, as well as a way for residents and supporters to connect and have a direct impact on the community.


  1. As a resident of Sheraden I look forward to working together with PCRG and other interested groups to help bring Sheraden into the 21st century. This grand old neighborhood cannot go back to it's hay day as a jewel of Pittsburgh. It must move forward, diversify and become something "fresh" and anew. It will take not only a true commitment from it's residents to bring about change; but, moreover a real COMMITMENT to make it happen. When speaking with a gentleman that is helping the Hill District as it undergoes it's necessary changes, I was presented with a calling card of sorts. It says,"Membership+Participation=POWER TO MAKE A CHANGE.Our work is cut out for us......are you willing to step-up to the plate and work for change?

  2. I beleive that Sheraden is turning a corner. There is a dedicated group of residents working with many different organizations to stabilize and reinvent the community. Location, which is so important, is great! In these days of service cuts, PAT is still serving this community well. There is a beautiful park and wonderful, reasonably priced real estate. This community is an undiscovered gem in the city.