Thursday, November 14, 2013


        It's been nearly a year and a half since the Reimagining Communities Initiative started its on the ground efforts in Sheraden. Much has been accomplished in this relatively short amount of time to lay the foundation for continued and future revitalization.

        Perhaps one of the more promising signs of positive change is the number of ordinary community residents who have stepped up to take a direct role in these efforts. Residents have assisted with collecting property condition information, administering Experience and Perception Surveys, have canvassed their streets to speak to their neighbors about getting involved, have attended many community meetings and events, and continue to exhibit unparallelled pride and commitment to Sheraden. Whether small or large, these individual actions will prove to be critical to the success of any community development efforts.

         Here are a few of the highlights from the past 18 months in Sheraden, as well as a link to a recent Press Release about the program:

  • Over 1,000 properties surveyed for condition and vacancy by PCRG
  • Nearly 100 meetings with residents and contact with over 750 households by PCRG
  • 13 homeowners receiving assistance with needed home repairs by Rebuilding Together Pittsburgh
  • 7 properties acquired for rehab and resale to homeowners by Pittsburgh Housing Development Corporation
  • Over 80 families receiving financial counseling or foreclosure prevention assistance from NeighborWorks
  • Over 120 individuals attending public Financial Education Workshops by NeighborWorks
  • $400,000 in private investment secured by PCRG, NeighborWorks, and Rebuilding Together Pittsburgh to support their work in Sheraden

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  1. Wow, Steve, I did not know you were here for that long. I found out only this past spring when I received that post card to do the survey. I had no idea there was any effort or initiative here in Sheraden up to that point. How is everything going with all of that? Joyce