Friday, October 11, 2013

Sheraden Data Collection Project Almost Complete

Sheraden Data Collection Focus Area (Highlighted)
PCRG is nearing the end of a major data collection and resident outreach project in Sheraden called Success Measures. Over the past couple months, important information about property conditions has been observed and recorded for over 1,000 parcels within the targeted area, shown to the left. This data will be compared with information collected a year ago and will help inform ongoing strategies to revitalize the neighborhood's housing stock.
Random Household Sampling for Survey

In addition, a resident experience and perception survey has been administered to over 100 households so far within the same target area. Households were selected at random to ensure that the results are statistically representative of the population. The survey has been engaging a diverse range of people, from longtime homeowners to families new to the neighborhood who are renting. Residents seem really anxious to provide feedback and participate in these revitalization efforts. A growing number of residents have even volunteered their time to help collect surveys from their neighbors.

The goal of the project is to survey a total of 264 households. The results will be analyzed to identify the strengths of the community and any opportunities that need to be pursued and improved upon.

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