Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Speak up for Sheraden!

About a week ago, 440 randomly selected households received a postcard inviting them to participate in an important resident survey. The project, called Success Measures, will gather information about the experiences and perceptions of Sheraden residents, helping to inform ongoing revitalization efforts taking place there.

The survey is being focused on the eastern section of the neighborhood, between Sheraden Park and the hillside along Carson. Since addresses were selected at random, the results of the completed surveys will be statistically representative of that entire focus area within the neighborhood.

Success Measures is a highly respected program of NeighborWorks America. It's mission is "to provide the community development field with a practical, credible and accessible way to collect, analyze, and use data for continuous evaluative learning, to tell stories of change and to demonstrate results. Success Measures develops and delivers outcome measurement tools and services through state of the art mechanisms that have the potential to bring participatory evaluation to scale, enhance local capacity and inform equitable, sustainable community strategies."

The Reimagining Sheraden team is very excited that Sheraden was chosen as the first community in Pittsburgh to benefit from the Success Measures program. In addition to the resident input survey, a comprehensive property inventory will be conducted in the same focus area, building off of a vacant property survey conducted by neighborhood residents and PCRG a year ago. Much of this information will be used to develop and inform ongoing strategies to address the vacancy and blight challenges in Sheraden.

If you would like more information about the project, please contact Steve Novotny, PCRG's Sheraden Community Coordinator, at 412.391.6732, or by email at

Monday, June 10, 2013

Summer in Sheraden

The warmer weather is giving residents the opportunity to get outside and spruce up their neighborhood. Many homeowners have their flower and vegetable gardens planted and landscaped.

Recently, a group of about 20 residents led by the Kiwanis Club of Sheraden, in partnership with the Sheraden Community Council and the American Legion Langley Post 496, spent some time brightening up the war memorial and parking lot below Langley School.
Newly planted and mulched!

They washed the monument and community message board, installed a new cement walkway, flowerbed, and large ceramic planters, and planted flowers. Mo, one of the main organizers of the effort, said that the improvements were their way of "giving our veterans the recognition and gratitude that they deserve. We are blessed to have a community that always takes the time to participate in projects like this."

The project was funded with a $1,000 grant under Mayor Ravenstahl's Love Your Block Program, an initiative of the servePGH program. Applications for Fall 2013 projects are due June 14!

Click to see more photos of the project below.