Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Redevelopment Proposed for Sheraden Parks

The draft plan of OpenSpacePGH, the City’s open space, parks and recreation planning effort, is now available for review and comment until June 7. Paper copies are also available at all Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh locations. The draft plan represents public input from nearly 3,000 residents and experts in the field, including PCRG. OpenSpacePGH is part of PlanPGH, the City's 25-year comprehensive growth plan, which includes 12 components and is projected to be completed in 2015.

In addition to being able to comment online, there are 4 remaining public meetings scheduled throughout the City. The final public meetings – which are free and open to the public – will educate residents on the findings of the draft plan, and inform them about how they can use the plan to help create change in their neighborhoods. Residents are also encouraged to share ideas about how to best set priorities for open space programs in various neighborhoods across the city.

The DRAFT OpenSpacePGH Plan proposes Greenway expansion
Sheraden residents should take note, as major proposals for the neighborhood are outlined in the draft plan. Sheraden park is designated as a Signature Site. From the plan -

Signature sites are prioritized community parks with the greatest potential to fill gaps in the green premium, provide better and more diverse recreation experiences, and focus investment. Signature sites should receive a higher level of capital and maintenance funding than other community parks, have site-specific programming, and incorporate design features to highlight their specific identities. Regional scale recreation facilities can be targeted for signature community parks, as well as community scale recreation facilities.

This translates into proposed redevelopment and expansion of the park to connect it with McGonigle Park and the Skate Park, the development of a new park Master Plan, and an evaluation and overhaul of park facilities. It is estimated that this potential investment into the park will exceed $8 million.

The Plan also discusses Mutual Park, recommending possible relocation to better serve Crafton Heights residents be considered before planning for any future investment. Designation of a significant portion of vacant hillside property in Sheraden as Greenway is also proposed.

All interested Sheraden residents are highly encouraged to participate in this important planning process, as these documents will directly impact community development in your neighborhood for the next 25 years! Please take some time to read through the draft plan and enter comments and feedback.

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