Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Young leader steps up in Sheraden

One of the neighborhood's young residents has been getting a lot of positive attention recently for taking action to clean up his street.

In a post by Post-Gazette reporter Diana Nelson-Jones on her City Walkabout blog, the efforts of 10 year-old Logan Byers was highlighted.

Nelson-Jones reports:

Logan Byers is a 10-year-old boy who was hit one day with a question that too many adults fail to ask themselves when they see a problem: “What can I do about this?”
It was litter that motivated him while playing outside one day last year.
Yesterday, Logan and eight other volunteers, some of them fellow Cub Scouts, inaugurated Zephyr Street as a Redd-Up Zone by spending part of the afternoon filling seven large garbage bags with litter. Logan and his “Litter League” will do litter sweeps on Zephyr four times a year with supplies of bags, gloves and other tools from the city. But Logan said he would probably organize more frequent clean-ups in between.
“All I wanted was to get help cleaning my street,” he said. But as many community advocates know, doing good has a tendency to start the ignition on doing more good.

Thanks Logan for setting a good example and actively taking part in Sheraden's revitalization!

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