Monday, April 1, 2013

Getting the work done in Sheraden

In only 10 months, the Reimagining Sheraden Partnership has made remarkable progress, laying the foundation for sustained neighborhood revitalization efforts!

Sheraden Successes, June 2012 to date:

  • Complete survey of the 2018 Census Tract for vacant properties and housing conditions
  • Comprehensive data collection related to property ownership, foreclosure filings, tax delinquency, and code enforcement actions
  • Consistent resident engagement, with nearly 50 meetings with individuals and contact with over 650 members of the community
  • Successful purchase by the URA of 5 vacant and foreclosed properties, with one rehabbed and sold to a new homeowner
  • Landlord Community Partnership agreement launched to create quality rental housing
  • 14 Public financial literacy workshops held by NeighborWorks, including nearly 40 youth participants
  • 11 Families trained for homeownership, and 5 families kept in their homes by stopping foreclosure
  • Repairs made to 5 owner-occupied homes by Rebuilding Together Pittsburgh

To continue the momentum that is building in Sheraden, PCRG has helped secure additional private investment so that the partnership can continue through May of 2014!

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