Friday, April 26, 2013

Discover Sheraden

The Sheraden neighborhood has lots of great assets that the community is proud of. The map below depicts just a few of them, like the historic Langley School (modeled after Warwick Castle in England), the West Busway, the library and senior center, and even a skatepark!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sheraden Homeownership Fair

Nearly 50 residents attended the Sheraden Homeownership Fair held this past Sunday, April 14, at the Holy Innocents Parish gymnasium. Attendees were greeted with lots of valuable information, food (generously sponsored by councilwoman Theresa Kail-Smith), and free giveaways (S&T Bank's foldable shopping bag and a miniature watering can and planter from Northwest Savings Bank were especially popular).

Short presentations were given by about a dozen event participants on a number of topics, from credit repair and foreclosure prevention, obtaining bank financing to purchase a home, working with realtors and contractors, to saving money on your monthly energy bills.

Local community organizations were also present, like the Kiwanis Club of Sheraden (they brought cookies!), the Sheraden Community Council, the West End Alliance, and the West End Works Neighborhood Employment Center. CAPture Production Studios was on hand to showcase a series of commercials highlighting each District 2 neighborhood.

The 2 hour event served to provide a strong starting point for families wanting to become Sheraden homeowners and generated lots of positive conversations about the continuing revitalization of this West Pittsburgh neighborhood.

Thank you so much to everyone who attended and participated for making this event a great success!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Kickin' it For Recovery

Sheraden Park will be the site of the first ever Kickball Classic, a fundraising event for Peoples Oakland.

Registration is due on April 12, so hurry up and get a team of 7 or more together! You can also sign up as an individual and join another team.

For more info, contact Amanda Brinson ( or Heather Liebherr (

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Young leader steps up in Sheraden

One of the neighborhood's young residents has been getting a lot of positive attention recently for taking action to clean up his street.

In a post by Post-Gazette reporter Diana Nelson-Jones on her City Walkabout blog, the efforts of 10 year-old Logan Byers was highlighted.

Nelson-Jones reports:

Logan Byers is a 10-year-old boy who was hit one day with a question that too many adults fail to ask themselves when they see a problem: “What can I do about this?”
It was litter that motivated him while playing outside one day last year.
Yesterday, Logan and eight other volunteers, some of them fellow Cub Scouts, inaugurated Zephyr Street as a Redd-Up Zone by spending part of the afternoon filling seven large garbage bags with litter. Logan and his “Litter League” will do litter sweeps on Zephyr four times a year with supplies of bags, gloves and other tools from the city. But Logan said he would probably organize more frequent clean-ups in between.
“All I wanted was to get help cleaning my street,” he said. But as many community advocates know, doing good has a tendency to start the ignition on doing more good.

Thanks Logan for setting a good example and actively taking part in Sheraden's revitalization!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Getting the work done in Sheraden

In only 10 months, the Reimagining Sheraden Partnership has made remarkable progress, laying the foundation for sustained neighborhood revitalization efforts!

Sheraden Successes, June 2012 to date:

  • Complete survey of the 2018 Census Tract for vacant properties and housing conditions
  • Comprehensive data collection related to property ownership, foreclosure filings, tax delinquency, and code enforcement actions
  • Consistent resident engagement, with nearly 50 meetings with individuals and contact with over 650 members of the community
  • Successful purchase by the URA of 5 vacant and foreclosed properties, with one rehabbed and sold to a new homeowner
  • Landlord Community Partnership agreement launched to create quality rental housing
  • 14 Public financial literacy workshops held by NeighborWorks, including nearly 40 youth participants
  • 11 Families trained for homeownership, and 5 families kept in their homes by stopping foreclosure
  • Repairs made to 5 owner-occupied homes by Rebuilding Together Pittsburgh

To continue the momentum that is building in Sheraden, PCRG has helped secure additional private investment so that the partnership can continue through May of 2014!